Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

Due to situations such as sedentary life, stress, aging, giving birth and rapid weight loss, the abdominal region may lose its firmness and cause sagging and wrinkles, causing discomfort in the daily life of the person. In such cases, tummy tuck procedures can be performed to recover the skin and remove sagging. In tummy tuck procedures, the fat in the abdomen is removed and the necessary procedures are performed to make the skin smooth.
Abdominoplasty is not an operation to lose weight. It provides only regional structure. For this reason, it is recommended to do diets and physical activities that will enable the person to reach their ideal weight before this operation is performed.

Abdominoplasty operations are divided into regional abdominoplasty (such as lower abdomen, upper abdomen) and full abdominoplasty operations.
Regional Abdominoplastys

This operation, which is generally applied in cases such as childbirth or sudden weight loss, is performed by removing fat from a certain area of the abdomen and skin stretching. Since it is a regional operation, it is applied in a shorter time than tummy tuck procedures applied to the entire abdomen, and the person's return to normal life is shorter. In general, there is no need to reposition the navel, and since the incision made for the treated area is quite small, a very small scar remains after the surgery.

Complete Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty performed on the entire abdomen requires longer surgery and recovery time than regional abdominoplasty. However, the results obtained from these procedures are quite effective. In this operation, fat is removed from the abdomen, muscles and tissues are shaped, and skin stretching is applied. The operation to be performed is performed with a wider incision compared to the regional tummy tuck, and after the operation, a wider incision scar is formed in the bikini area compared to the regional tummy tuck. This scar takes on a vaguely pinkish structure over time and takes on a form that does not affect the daily life of the person. In this operation, the location of the belly button changes according to the skin removal procedure. The newly added belly button is added in a suitable position to achieve a natural look.

In the examination to be made by your doctor before the surgery, which surgery will be planned according to your needs is determined. After the operation, it is expected that the person can return to his daily life within a few weeks.

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