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Hair transplantation operations are a type of aesthetic operation performed to eliminate the problems of baldness that negatively affect daily life due to genetic reasons, stressful life and aging. Although it is mostly preferred by men, it can also be applied to women who have lost their hair for various reasons. Thanks to the new techniques developed, these procedures can be performed without harming the person and the recovery can be completed after a few months.

One of the most important issues in hair transplantation is the examination process. Hair transplantation planning, which is made according to the demands of the person, can be carried out with the method chosen according to the planned area and amount of hair.

There are 2 methods commonly used in hair transplantation procedures. These; Sapphire is called FUE and DHI.
Hair Transplantation with Sapphire FUE Technique

Sapphire FUE Technique is one of the most innovative techniques used in hair transplantation. It is done by planting the hair taken from certain parts of the person to be transplanted to the designated places in the head region. While applying this technique, micro motors developed with the latest technology are used. Since the tips connected to these motors used have a very thin structure, there is no planting trace. Before the hair transplant operation starts, the person is given local anesthesia and thus the person feels very little pain. The most important feature that distinguishes the Sapphire FUE technique from other methods is that the area where the hair will be taken and the head area are shaved very shortly before planting. In this way, the area where the operation will be performed can be seen very clearly. The hair transplanted with this method will not shed in the future.

Hair Transplantation with DHI Technique

The main purpose of hair transplantation operations performed with DHI technique is to transplant hair to sparse areas without damaging existing hair. In this technique, the person's hair does not need to be shortened. Since hair transplant operations on sparse areas focus on specific areas, this area is treated in a way that provides an intense and natural appearance. Compared to other hair transplantation methods, the time required for the person to return to their normal life is shorter. In this procedure, which is performed by applying local anesthesia, the person feels very little pain during the operation. After a few weeks of recovery, the person's hair begins to grow rapidly. It will take between 6 months and 1 year for the person's hair to regain a natural appearance.

Curepital Hair Transplantation Services

Which technique will be used in hair transplantation is planned during your doctor's examination.
Issues such as the hair structure and the demands of the person are the most influential factors in the selection of the operation technique.

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