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Although tooth structures are mostly shaped according to genetic characteristics, they can also be shaped according to reasons such as the person's eating habits. Dental structures are very important structures because they provide a beautiful appearance and increase the living standards of the individual by being in a healthy structure. Considering the physical features, which are one of the most important elements of communication, teeth are one of the areas that can affect a person's daily life the most.

Dental aesthetics can be done for many reasons and with many methods. Implants, dental veneers, braces and tooth cleaning are the most well-known dental aesthetic methods.
Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to solve dental problems that have lost their health due to genetic reasons or lack of care and cannot be solved by traditional treatment methods. Dental implants are made by adding implants made of titanium and zirconium to the jawbone. A dental implant treatment performed in this way preserves its health for many years.

Dental Braces

Braces treatment is a treatment method that is performed by moving the teeth in the jawbone with the method of adding wires on the teeth that are not in a genetically healthy structure and making the tooth structure as it should be. The material to be used is selected and applied according to the request of the person and the doctor's examination. Depending on the person's teeth and jaw structure, it remains on the teeth for 1-3 years and is removed after the doctor makes sure that the treatment is complete.

Teeth Cleaning

Due to reasons such as genetic conditions, nutrition and lack of necessary care in the teeth, color changes and tartar formation may occur in the teeth over time. Tooth cleaning is the process that is carried out to make the teeth healthier and more beautiful. Although it varies according to the tooth structure of the person, the treatment is usually completed after 1 hour of application and the patient can continue her daily life.
The dental aesthetics to be applied to the people are decided after the request of the person and the doctor's examination. After the treatments applied, the rules to be followed are transferred to the people by the dentist.

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