Butt Aesthetics

Butt Aesthetics

Buttock aesthetics, which have been in demand recently, are operations that make the hip area larger, flatter, more shaped or smaller. Although usually performed as butt enlargement operations, butt reduction operations are generally preferred for reasons such as rapid weight loss or gain. Generally, 3 methods are used for hip aesthetics. These methods are called fat injection, butt lift and butt silicone. Which method will be used in the surgery is decided after the patient's request and the doctor's examination.

Which method will be used in the surgery is decided after the patient's request and the doctor's examination.
Fat Injection Operation

In the hip aesthetics performed with the application of fat injection, the fat is removed from the hip, waist and lower hip areas of the person. With the fat taken from that area, the hips gain a much steeper, larger and shaped appearance. The fat taken is a very valuable substance for the body. After the fats in these areas are removed, they are injected into certain areas of the hip area as needed and desired. In this way, the hip gains volume and shape.

Butt Silicone Operation

In cases where fat removal from the hip area and injection into the hip is not sufficient or fat removal cannot be performed in thin people, pop silicone procedure is applied. In this process, silicone implants are placed in the butt area. The size of these implants placed is planned according to the demand and body structure of the person to be operated. After the addition of these implants, which have no harm to human health, the person quickly regains her health and returns to his normal life in a short time.

Butt Lift Operation

Butt lift is a hip aesthetic method applied for women who were overweight before and lost weight in a short time. The main purpose of this method is to obtain smooth skin and a shaped buttocks appearance by removing skin cracks and skin sagging that occur in rapid weight loss. After the operation, the person recovers quickly and returns to her normal life. All these methods used in hip aesthetics have different application forms. The method to be used during the surgery is planned according to the request of the person and the recommendations of the doctor who performed the pre-operative examination.

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